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Why You Should Floss

September 29, 2022

Are you flossing every day? Flossing is an important step in your oral hygiene routine and shouldn’t be neglected. Flossing that falls by the wayside can have a negative impact on your oral health. Here are 3 reasons why you should be flossing!

  1. Removes Plaque Buildup & Food Debris
  2. Even with a great toothbrushing routine, it can still be hard to properly clean your back teeth and remove debris from between your teeth. When areas of the mouth aren’t cleaned properly, a sticky film known as plaque begins to build up. Plaque is filled with bad bacteria that can damage your tooth enamel and irritate your gumline. Flossing regularly helps prevent this film from building up and from food debris being stuck between teeth for a prolonged period of time.

  3. Prevents Halitosis
  4. If your breath still smells bad after you brush your teeth, it may be from not flossing daily. While toothbrushes tackle the tooth surfaces, the tucked-away portions of your smile like your back molars and the spaces between teeth can go unbrushed. When food debris and bacteria are stuck in your mouth, they can leave you with chronic bad breath.

  5. Fights Gum Disease
  6. Plaque buildup and food debris can cause a serious gum infection, known as periodontal disease (gum disease). When left untreated, the gums can start pulling away from teeth. Gum disease can also cause bad breath and infections in other parts of the body. Daily brushing and flossing helps prevent gum disease from occurring. Flossing will help loosen plaque and remove food particles that can create a harmful environment for your teeth and gums.

Schedule Your Routine Dental Cleaning!

In addition to flossing regularly, we also recommend going to the dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and exams. A professional cleaning can help prevent harmful infections, bad breath, and other dental issues. If you’re overdue for a dental cleaning and exam, please contact our ADC Dental Group team to schedule your next appointment!


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