Closeup of a woman pulling up her upper lip to show her healthy gums

Why Gum Health Is Crucial

April 30, 2022

When you think about good oral health, you might only think about having teeth that are clean and strong. But that’s just part of the equation.

A Healthy Smile Includes Healthy Gums!

Your gums help anchor your teeth in your jawbone. This soft, pink tissue is rich in nerves and blood vessels and acts as a cushy layer of protection for your teeth to ward off bacteria and infection.

But when your gums recede or separate from the teeth, they are no longer able to play their protective role. Gum disease, a progessive disorder that starts off as mild gingivitis, occurs when bacteria builds up along and under the gumline. This bacteria, a sticky film called plaque, produces toxins that irritate your gums. It causes further inflammation as it hardens into tartar, which ordinary toothbrushes and floss can’t remove. If the buildup grows, you will experience decay, infection, and the breakdown of your oral tissue that can ultimately lead to tooth loss.

Unhealthy Gums Can Affect Your Overall Health

When plaque accumulates under the gumline, it can cause infection and pose a threat to your overall health. The bacteria can enter your bloodstream, accumulate, and inflame the walls of your arteries, increasing your risk of stroke and heart attack. Moreover, the proliferation of bacteria in your body can suppress your immunity, making it more likely for you to get sick and experience delayed healing.

How to Protect Your Gum Health

Some of the best ways to protect your gum health are to: brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time; floss your teeth every day; consume a balanced diet; avoid tobacco products; drink plenty of water; and visit your dentist twice a year for professional cleanings and examinations.

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