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ADC Dental, Dentist in Joplin MO is Joplin’s only “Home of the Healthy Smile.” We can help give you a boost in confidence by improving the look of your teeth, the first impression is a lasting impression and it starts with a healthy smile.
If you are in need of a dentist or have been putting it off you have found the right place and now you can do something about it. Our dentist office in Joplin is capable of handling your dental needs and our office offers a comfortable dentistry atmosphere with T.V.’s in every room to make your Joplin dental visit as comfortable as possible.

Many people avoid the dentist because of fear. The dentists of ADC Dental in Joplin MO use dentistry techniques to help patients relax making dental visits easier and stress free. After all a healthy smile is a happy smile.

Not everyone sees a dentist as often as they should for dental care. The reasons are often because of overlooking dental problems or due to fear of visiting a dentist.

Dental problems affect our overall health and well-being. Simply caring for your teeth and oral health can avoid potential dentistry problems.

The mouth has been found to be linked to other problems throughout the body. One example of this is inflammation in the mouth that goes untreated. This can lead to bacteria entering the blood stream. It is possible for the inflammation to affect other parts of the body such as the heart. Simply visiting a dentist can put you on the road to reducing inflammation of the mouth in this example.

Having Dental fears are bad enough but a dentist who does not understand them is even worse. When you visit ADC Dental’s Joplin Office we put forth effort to make your Dental visit as painless and comfortable as possible. We never want to put patients in a position that will make dental fears worse.

That is why we take the necessary steps to provide the upmost dentistry care and comfort on each of your dental visits. We want to help our patients overcome obstacles and improve oral health. Give us a call and schedule your appointment today our number is 417-782-5005.

Having a great smile is an important step to boosting self-confidence as well as helping to improve overall health and quality of life so that you can smile with confidence.

Finding a dentist for dental care is a wonderful first step in moving forward to get the healthy smile you have often dreamed about. Beginning preventative care will be the first step that will let you get to know your dentist office.  Feeling comfortable and allowing a dentist to see your mouth will help your dentist provide a customized dental plan so that you can understand easily what dentistry effort needs to be done to get you the smile of your dreams.

A dental plan will show you exactly what dental procedures are needed for your oral health.

Cosmetic dentistry can improve the look of a smile, creating a new improved version. At ADC Dental, Dentist in Joplin MO it thrills us to be able to help improve smiles creating a better you.

Our part is simple we want to give you the best value, this means providing quality dental work each  and every time you need it. If our focus is on you and your needs we can meet patient expectations delivering dentistry results that can last a lifetime.

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Meet the Dentist’s

Dr. John Durling II, DDS

John C. Durling II DDS, ADC Dental, My Dentist Joplin MO

Born and raised in Fort Scott, Kansas,
Dr. Durling graduated from Pittsburg State University in 1992 with a
BS in Biology

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Timothy Crawford, DMD

timothy craford, dmd, my dentist in joplin mo

A native of Alberta, Canada, Dr. Crawford received a B.S. degree in psychology with honors at BYU before completing Ph.D. coursework at “Ole Miss”

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W. Stuart Dexter, DDS

W. Stuart Dexter, DDS, My Dentist in joplin MO

A native of Lincoln, Nebraska, Dr. Dexter studied Human Biology at the University of Kansas, where he was a fixture on the Honor Roll

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Invisalign at ADC Dental Group


*Dr. Durling is recognized as an Invisalign provider by Align Technology. **Cosmetic dentistry, implantology, implant dentistry, and TMJ therapy are specialty areas not recognized by the ADA and require no specific educational training to advertise this service. ***Dr Durling, Dr Crawford, and Dr Dexter are not specialists in orthodontics. ****Conscious sedation is taught as part of the post graduate residency program approved by the ADA. Dr Durling and Dr Crawford are certified in the State of Missouri for oral conscious sedation.