Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

Accidents happen and sometimes the accidents are directed right towards you teeth.  If you have been in some kind of trauma and need to have your mouth looked at quickly then seek emergency medical help right away.

However, not all injuries to the mouth require immediate medical attention.  If there is no immediate threat of further damage to your teeth or mouth then maybe you can hold off with emergency medical care and opt to just call your dentist to see if they can fit you into their schedule as soon as possible.  This will avoid any unnecessary costs that may arise from emergency dental care expenses.  The dental office may be able to get you in that day as sometimes there are cancellations throughout the day.

If you have broken a tooth from biting into something too hard or have had a tooth knocked out from some other kind of traumatic event, then you should seek medical attention right away.  If the crack is too sever or the nerve has been damaged you will need to seek immediate attention. If your tooth has been knocked out, try not to handle it too much.  Remove any debris that may be on the tooth by simply rinsing it off with water.  Do not use soap nor should you brush the tooth.

If you can, see if you can place the tooth back into the socket.  It might help to bite down onto a piece of gauze or some other kind of wet cloth to help you push the tooth back into the socket.  Placing the tooth back into the socket may help to save the tooth.

There are other types of problems that may arise throughout your day or night that may not come from a traumatic experience; you may be feeling extreme pain from an abscess or some other issue.

If the issue does arise after hours and you are certain the office is closed, please call anyway as there is an emergency number to contact just in case.  If that does not work head to your nearest emergency room where you can be treated there.  The staff will be able to tell you if you should proceed with care then or wait until your normal dentist is open.

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