Your Guide to Invisalign Treatment: What You Should Expect

Invisalign treatment can give you the smile you’ve been dreaming about without the hassle of wearing uncomfortable metal braces. In today’s blog post, we’ve compiled a short guide to getting Invisalign. Find out what to expect and see if the clear alternative to braces could be right for you.

1. Schedule an Initial Consultation
The first step to getting the smile of your dreams is to schedule a consultation appointment. Make your appointment online or call us at 1-866-478-7695. You’ll meet with one of our dentists who is certified as a Level II or Level III Invisalign expert. Invisalign is primarily intended to straighten your teeth, but we’ll also make sure that it fits into a comprehensive plan for your overall oral health.

2. See Your Expected Results
Before you begin Invisalign treatment, we’ll create a computer-generated image designed especially for your teeth to show you what your smile should look like at the end of the procedure. Most patients feel more comfortable starting the treatment with a good idea of the results in mind.

3. Begin Wearing Aligners
Once you’re ready to begin wearing your aligners, you’ll receive your first alignment set. Each set of aligners should be worn for a two-week period and will be designed to fit into a particular treatment phase. Your aligners are customized to fit your teeth and your progress as your smile is shifted into place.

4. Attend Update Appointments
During your Invisalign treatment, you’ll meet with your dentist every six weeks for a brief update appointment. At each appointment, your dentist will check the status of your treatment and answer any questions you may have about your progress or your general oral health. The staff at ADC Dental is also happy to answer questions anytime about caring for your aligners and your daily oral health routine.

5. Enjoy a Normal Diet and Routine
Though most people have to change their habits while wearing conventional metal braces, you can still enjoy a normal lifestyle while undergoing Invisalign treatment. There are no off-limit foods or drinks because you will remove your aligners each time you eat or have a snack. You can also brush and floss your teeth normally. Simply remove your aligners to take care of your hygiene routine, replace them, and follow the rest of your daily schedule as normal.

6. Debut Your New Smile
When you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment, you’ll have a final meeting with your dentist to look over your progress. After visiting the dentist, you’ll be ready to debut your new smile to friends and family! To keep your smile healthy and looking great, be sure to maintain a proper oral healthcare routine in the future. With straighter teeth and a healthier smile, you’ll improve the quality of your overall health, happiness, and confidence.

image by Dr. Alper, DMD, Cosmetic Dentist