Regular Dental Appointments are the Key to Oral Health

7663138104_99dfb0c3b8_zMany people don’t schedule regular dental appointments because they don’t want to spend the money on a check-up—but foregoing professional treatment can actually cost you much more in the long run. In today’s blog post, we explain why consistent cleaning and timely visits are the best way to go.

The Importance of Preventative Care
Though you may be tempted to only visit the dentist if you have a bad toothache or if you notice some discoloration in your teeth, you should know that many of these problems can be prevented with regular check-ups. When you visit the dentist, we don’t just clean your teeth—we also examine your mouth for signs of decay and disease. Many dental health problems can be prevented or addressed before they get too bad.

By the time you’re able to notice these sorts of problems on your own, it’s often too late to stop them from becoming a bigger issue. Most dental health concerns don’t simply go away on their own—they will often be totally painless until reaching the point where serious treatment becomes a necessity. For instance, if you have a cavity, the decay will continue to eat away at your tooth until it reaches the nerve. However, if your dentist catches the cavity early on, he or she can simply fill it—but if you let the issue go unsolved until it reaches the nerve, you’ll likely need a crown, a root canal, or to have the tooth pulled instead.

Avoiding High Dental Care Costs
Most people would prefer to avoid significant dental procedures because the treatment can be uncomfortable or painful—and that’s before you even get to the discomfort of pulling out your wallet. Procedures like root canals and gum surgery are not cheap, and you could end up paying much more in the long run if you opt to skip your regular check-up appointments where you can receive preventative care.

The most affordable way to care for your teeth is to visit the dentist every six months for a tooth cleaning and check-up. These regular visits are about more than keeping your teeth clean. They’re about preventing high-cost, significant dental health problems down the line. Your dentist can examine your mouth for signs of periodontal disease, cavities, and even oral cancer—and if he or she ever does find an indication of a more serious problem, you can begin addressing the issue before it’s too late.

Whether you were just in a few months ago or it’s been closer to a few years since your last visit, now is the perfect time to schedule your next appointment at ADC Dental. Our dentists are eager to help you maintain a great oral health routine, and we can even give you tips to improve your at-home care. Call us at 1-866-478-7695 or visit us online to schedule your next visit today.

image by Daniel Oines