The key benefits of Mouth Guards Fitted by Dentists

The key benefits of Mouth Guards fitted by Dentists


Are you a sportsperson? Will you participate in team or even everyday sports activities, or high impact activities like CrossFit? Have you not been wearing a mouth guard regularly?

If not, have a quick look in the mirror, or grab your smartphone and turn the camera lens around.  Certainly you picture yourself missing front teeth? You might need to. Maybe we can help convince you with this discussion about the benefits associated with dentist fitted mouth guards.

What Can Happen Merely By Avoiding Wearing A Mouth guard?

In addition to team sports activities, things can still get physical even during every day and non-competitive team sporting activities or intramural activities. A direct impact to the front of the face with no mouth guard can fracture your front pearly whites, or even knock one or more of these teeth away.

A hit to your lower jaw can throw your jaws together, not only putting a huge amount of stress on your teeth, which can cause cracks and fractures, but it can also cause jaw fractures, destruction to your TMJ  and can also cause a concussion. For children, sporting activities injuries account for almost 40% of dental injury.

 For those who have braces or your child is an orthodontic treatment patient, the trauma from a sports injury can damage not only the teeth, but the sensitive tissues inside the mouth.Invisalign banner, with dental teeth

Just how Do Mouth guards Work?

Mouth guards are like airbags – they serve to absorb the shock of impact and diffuse the pressure around the material of the mouth guard, rather than your teeth and jaws.

Simply by absorbing and dissipating, mouth guards can drastically reduce the chances of incurring a personal injury such as losing a front tooth or a concussion.

Types of Mouth guards and exactly how They Line Up Against One another:

Ready-Made Mouth guards

PROS: Predesigned mouth guards are typically very inexpensive, usually $10 or less and can be purchased at any sports store. That means they are relatively cheap to replace if you happen to lose it. Having a mouth guard is preferable to “no” mouth guard at all.

DISAVANTAGES: Odds are also pretty high that you’ll lose or misplace this kind of mouth guard, because, much like any one-size-fits-all item, “fits” is a relative term. These foamy, bulky mouth guards may go ahead and diffuse some of the impact of a hit, but only if you wish to wear it.

This kind of guard is not fixed to your mouth, which is likely to fall out or come loose when you run or are active. They can be hard to breathe around, of course, if you try to speak you could sound like you’ve caught a sock in your mouth. They are also less durable and need to be replaced more often. Also, if every person’s mouth guard looks alike, you could possibly by mistake put someone else’s guard on your teeth before you realize it and… well, we’ll just make you decide if it is worth it with that thought.

Mouth-Formed (Boil and Bite) Mouth guards

PROS: These are by far the most frequent mouth guards we see. They are still affordable at around $15-20. These are generally fitted to your teeth by inserting the mouth guard in hot water and then biting into it firmly.

The chances of this kind of mouth guard falling out while you are running or active is no more or less than a ready-made one, of course, if you are more likely to wear it, it is more likely to protect you from tooth trauma or head injury.

DISADVANTAGES: Boil and bite mouth guards are still bulky and can be hard to breathe around or speak while wearing. This means you are constantly taking it of your mouth area, you’re very likely to lose it. Boil and bite mouth guards will need to be replaced more frequently than a custom built mouth guard.

Finally, although they are fitted better due to teeth impressions, there is still a greater chance that it can come loose, reducing its performance, which means you could still end up being out $20 AND missing your front teeth.

Custom Dentist Fitted Mouth guards

PROS: Custom fitted mouth guards are the best option when it comes to protection against trauma and concussion. In fact, a study confirmed that custom-fitted mouth guards can decrease your chances of concussion by more than 50%.

Custom built mouth guards are exactly that – made to not only fit snugly over all of your teeth, but also into your mouth. Many sports athletes who utilize this kind of mouth guard notice a very low profile, which means it is much easier to breathe and speak around due to its special shape.

A great fit means you’re less likely to take it and misplace it. Custom fixed mouth guards are very durable, can be disinfected easily, and you can often custom-order your own with colors and even logos.

DISAVANTAGES: Certainly the expense of a custom-fitted mouth guard is the deal breaker for some. At a price of $100 to $300, most people don’t see the value, unless they are looking back at regret after they are dealing with medical or dental expenses because of a cracked tooth or even a concussion.

However, many people who have custom mouth guards wouldn’t go back to any other kind, as soon as they realize the sort of protection they can get, in a way that will not obstruct their performance.

Custom fixed mouth guards can also take up to a couple weeks to receive, because impressions are created at a dental office and custom made away from the site.

How Can I Obtain a Dentist Fitted Mouth guard?

You will get a custom dentist fitted mouth guard made through our ADC Dental office and able to get the mouth guard in as little as about a week. Regardless of what kind of mouth guard you choose, please choose one, and please use it.

Dental injuries such as a missing front teeth, damage to TMJ joint, and concussions can have lasting and significant effects on not simply all of your teeth, but on your whole-body health. Please take the time to protect yourself or the athlete in your life and make sure they have the best chance to keep a healthy smile for life.

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