Digital X-rays and How They Affect You

Digital X-rays and How They Affect You as a Patient


Dental X-rays have changed over the years, making it extremely easy to get full dental x-rays without all the hassle of placing bitewings inside the mouth by utilizing digital x-rays. This newer method of x-rays is safe and has very little radiation involved in the process which is much improved from previous x-ray equipment.

Dentist staff are trained to perform dental x-rays correctly using precautionary safety methods that ease the possibility of concern. Digital x-rays offer an advanced method that is easier and faster than other x-ray methods.

When are Digital X-rays Used?

The purpose of dental x-rays is to allow dentist’s the ability to see potential issues within the mouth that cannot be seen by looking inside the mouth. X-rays help determine if decay is present within the teeth. X-rays also allow an easy way to see if bone damage or reduction has occurred, which usually occurs with gum disease.

Often parents are worried about how x-rays affect children since they are more sensitive to rays. Just like adults, x-rays are also safe for children and can be used to monitor the development of their teeth.

X-rays can also show infection that can be present around the teeth or between your teeth and gum.

For younger patients, x-rays allow dentists to see incoming teeth and help determine that the incoming teeth can be supported.


X-rays offer a great way to prevent dental issues from being overlooked. Being able to see under the gum makes it easier for dentists to perform various dental treatments including but not limited to dental implants, dentures etc.



Identify decay and gum disease early

Being able to take children early to a dentist will insure that they get x-rays as advised by the dentists. This is important as it can help detect tooth decay and other problems early. This will help in planning treatment based on a child’s needs based on x-ray results.

Digital Dental X-Rays During Pregnancy

Since pregnant women are encouraged not to expose themselves to radiation no matter how small, it is important to let dental staff know you may be or are pregnant. At certain times, it may be advised to go ahead and get x-rays during pregnancy. Especially during emergency dental issues or when regular dental treatment plans need to be carried out to completion.

Dentists often have extra precautions they can take while giving x-rays such as lead aprons which minimize radiation exposure.

Finding a balance between pregnancy and dental treatment are important. Periodontal disease for example can have a higher threat towards an adverse pregnancy. This is one example of why it can be important not to overlook your dental needs during pregnancy.

Safety Regarding Digital X-Rays

The goal here is not to scare people into thinking x-rays are not safe but rather to give an in-depth look at how dentists reduce exposure to radiation. Usually with a single x-ray the exposure is so low no real threat exists. When it comes to multiple x-rays radiation exposure will increase. With more x-rays dentists will use lead aprons to cover and protect parts of your body from radiation exposure. The dental staff understands the importance of safety when it comes to dental x-rays and if you should fine that you have questions they will be able and willing to answer the questions you have. With digital x-rays, the exposure to radiation is up to 90% less than previous dental x-ray technology.

Major Advantages of Digital X-rays

Everyone will agree shorter dental visits are a plus and with digital x-rays the waiting time is decreased significantly. Traditional x-rays meant having to wait will the x-rays were developed adding wait time to your dental appointment. Digital x-rays are almost spontaneously ready for your dentist to view.

Not only are digital x-rays faster than ever before, the quality of the images is much improved. With the ability to adjust brightness and contrast as well as image size, dentists can find even the smallest of cavities with much more ease.