Can Invisalign Improve Your Dating Prospects?

Can Invisalign Improve Your Dating Prospects?

Did you know that a straight smile can improve the quality of your life in several ways? Patients in Joplin, MO can enjoy improved dating life with InvisalignThe impression you leave on job interviews can be a make-or-break moment and straight teeth can be the extra boost that improves your career path. Now, take this same idea and apply it to your dating life. Yes, that’s right. Straight teeth can even make a difference in your love life. Choosing Invisalign can help improve your confidence, which will also make a difference in your attitude toward dating. Dr. John Durling explains how straight teeth can improve the dating life of patients here in Joplin, MO.

Dating With Crooked Teeth

Everyone has deal breakers that determine if a first date, or even second date, will happen. From height to hair color, it’s not surprising that your physical attributes can affect your dating life. However, the extent of which your smile can affect your dating life and the first impression you leave may shock you. A study from Kelton Research revealed some interesting statistics about the impact your smile has on your dating life. The “Single & Smiles” online survey asked more than 2,000 adults in the United States about how teeth impact dating. Here are what researchers found from the survey:

  • 74% of survey participants would rather kiss someone with a nice smile than someone with a crooked smile
  • Approximately half of the participants believe that people with nicer smiles have more sex
  • 1 in 5 participants feel that their imperfect smile is holding them back from finding love
  • 92% of adults cite a mouth-related trait as a major turn-off
  • 2 in 5 participants believe that fixing their dental imperfection would help attract a potential partner

The extent of which a smile dominates the first impression you leave was also confirmed with researchers finding the following statistics:

  • One-third of participants say a person’s teeth is the first aspect of their face they typically notice.
  • 24% of participants say a person’s teeth is the aspect they remember the most after meeting them

Another study from found that more than half of the 5,500 singles surveyed said teeth were the most important attribute of a potential date. 60% of men cared most about a potential date’s teeth while 71% of women ranked teeth as the most important physical characteristic in a potential date.

Can Invisalign Help?

Whether you’re dating face-to-face or online, a person with a nice smile is perceived as more attractive, successful, and intelligent than someone with crooked teeth. You don’t have to let your dental imperfections hold you back from finding a potential partner. We know most patients are reluctant to ever pursue orthodontic treatment because they don’t want to deal with the look and discomfort of metal braces. You may think metal braces can scare off potential dates even more than crooked teeth.

Fortunately, Invisalign is a great alternative for patients that want the benefits of straight teeth without the agonizing process of traditional orthodontic treatment.Patients can enjoy the comfort of the smooth plastic aligners without any irritation to their teeth or gums. However, the best perk is the discreet look of Invisalign aligners. With a nearly invisible look, patients can continue to date without metal braces causing insecurity. In fact, your date may not even notice that you’re going through treatment. Aligners can also be taken out for special occasions, for those of you that don’t want the aligners in during a date. Just remember, aligners need to be worn 20 to 22 hours per day for the most optimal results from Invisalign.

Straight Teeth and Self-Perception

As you can tell, a smile can heavily impact the way you’re viewed by others. We’d also like to note what it does to your attitude about yourself. If you’re feeling self-conscious over your smile, chances are your behavior is going to be different as well. Confidence is another attribute that is found attractive by many potential dates. Therefore, fixing your insecurities about your smile can help you feel more confident, which will in turn change your behavior and the way you come off to other people. If improving relations with other people doesn’t make you want to correct your dental imperfections, remember that the way you relate and feel about yourself can benefit as well.